Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lots of work completed at the new shop this weekend !

Wow, What a productive weekend at the new shop/house site. We got so accomplished this weekend, I can't believe it. I know I promised photos, but I was too busy working to take any, but will try to take and post some within a few days. We now have about 80% of the wood floor in the shop laid, just need to finish the rest ,then sand and stain, and add top coat. Got the overhead light and shower ins...talled in the main bathroom in the house along with the ceiling fan in the family room, and another ceiling light. Had the Heat-A/C units installed in the shop. All the first floor plumbing inside is completed, just waiting for the water company to install the water meter this week! Whew. I think that is everything, I am worn out. Tired,sore,splintered,blistered, but very happy, excited and blessed knowing that I participated, and able to work on building our family's homefeeling blessed.

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