Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Been down in the mouth, but time to get back up again !

Thank you everyone who has been checking on me and my dreaded ordeal with the oral surgeon. I am sorry that I have been out of the shop for a couple of days.. Hopefully things are starting to look up, I just need to have more patience. (I'm a better nurse than patient, so to speak). I was told that some people just take longer to heal, and since I have been on a lot of steroids and antibiotics  lately for my throat and ear, plus they were treating me with them this summer for Lyme's  , that those really have slowed down my healing process. They also did take out the sutures, since they had not dissolved yet, because he thought they might be cause some irritation to the gums. So Keep w/ salt water rinses and antibiotics and give it time!   I am just anxious to go, I will be open in the shop on Wed. but then closed on Thursday to go again to set up for a big show on Fri. and Sat.  Got lots to do .....Yikes

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