Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects Now Available in shop!

Spring Issue Just arrived in shop!

Wonderful Spring inspired projects,

Can't wait to start one or two perhaps!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Americana Primitive Penny Candle Mat

This is a pre-cut kit (you only need to cut the background circle) Made using woolfelt, kit includes pre-cut circles,star and backing of blue woolfelt,also includes pattern. You make this quick and easy project for your home or to give as a gift. A great addition to any Americana or July 4th display !

KIT $14.00 or pattern alone is $8.00

Finished size approx. 11-1/2" diameter

Friday, January 27, 2012

due to illness, shop closed until Tues. Jan.31st

I just wanted to aploygize to those who have been trying to come to Primitive STitches during this past week or so. I was closed all last week, due to brochitis and newly diagonised asthma, Unfortunatly, things have not shown much improvement, and I had to go back to doctor this week and was told it had developed into pneumonia.

Yuck, I am now restricted from work for awhile, taking 7 different prescriptions and doing breathing treatments at home every 4 hrs. Hopefully this should do the trick. I hope to be back in the shop working on Tuesday. I am sorry for any inconvience, and please share this with your friends, who might not get this email. I would not want any one to make a trip here, only to find the shop closed. I appreciate everyones patience and concerns.

Hope to be back stitchin with you all soon,


Primitive Stitches

Warrensburg MO

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Penny Rug Kits available!

Sorry for the delay, been down sick, but finally got some kits ready to go. Kits include pattern, backgroundwoolfelt (black) (you will need to cut) but the has approx. 110 PRE-CUT circles- just waiting to be stitched!  
 Price $29.95-   Finishes approx. 16-3/4 wide x 25-3/4" in lenght. Let me know if you want me to reserve a kit for you!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Have not forgot, work still in progress on patterns/kits

Thanks everyone, I have not forgot about you, but have been down with a horrible cough, going to see doctor in am, i think i have brochitis. Will get the measurements and more info to you soon. Thanks for your interest. Melissa

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Still in progress !

These 2 are my next projects, they are still in the works, but just wanted to give you all a sneak peek! Will post more pics when I finish them ..Stay Tuned...

Also forgot to mention, on this pattern the moose and trees, etc will come in the kit PRE-CUT for your convience, no tracing and cutting required !!!!!   Sorry about the sideways photo, I forgot to flip it upright before posting!

Newest Penny Rug Design !

Here's my latest design, Patterns and kits being put together now,and will  be available soon. Kits will already have ALL of the WOOLFELT PENNIES PRE-CUT, for your convienece, Yes you heard me right , all the circles will be cut for you, Just open the kit and your ready to sew! Perfect Circles everytime!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Quilter's Last Will And Testament*

I wanted to share this with you all, I had a friend show this to me, and loved it.

The Quilter's Last Will And Testament*

I,___________________________,being of sound mind (a statement which does not bear close examination) do hereby record my last will and testament.

Knowing that __________________________________, my _________________ (husband, sister, or friend) hasn’t the least understanding or appreciation for, or for that matter, knowledge of my extensive fabric collection, which collection is suitably deposited in sundry places for safekeeping.

Knowing also that ___________________________ has already notified the local dumpster to pick up and dispose of the before mentioned collection "willy-nilly" (the thought of which causes me a most severe case of hives).

Therefore, I do will this collection and all other collections related to it, to my dear friend and fellow fabric preservationist, _________________________.

It is my wish that she/he, upon hearing of my death and obtaining clear proof that I did not manage, although goodness knows I tried, to take it with me, would come to my home post haste, before the dumpster, and search out my collection which is similarly stored at her own abode.

That she should rescue said collection and stack it in my quilting studio, along with my sewing machines, frames, old buttons, lace, patterns, quilts, dolls and works in progress.

After she/he has done this, she/he should purchase refreshments for my friends not yet departed, which friends are also her/his friends, and every last one shall be in that room and they shall hold a wake and say lovely and kind things about me until they run out and then they shall divide amongst themselves, by lot, my wonderful collection.

I shall be hovering over that very spot until this is done. _______________________ shall then quit this spot and close the door, leaving trivialities to those who do not understand. This is my wish on the matter.

Signed: ____________________ Date: ___________

Notarized: __________________ Date: ___________

*This is not a legal document

Written By Elinor Peace Baily,

Published in "The Cloth Doll"

Spring/Summer 1990