Friday, January 27, 2012

due to illness, shop closed until Tues. Jan.31st

I just wanted to aploygize to those who have been trying to come to Primitive STitches during this past week or so. I was closed all last week, due to brochitis and newly diagonised asthma, Unfortunatly, things have not shown much improvement, and I had to go back to doctor this week and was told it had developed into pneumonia.

Yuck, I am now restricted from work for awhile, taking 7 different prescriptions and doing breathing treatments at home every 4 hrs. Hopefully this should do the trick. I hope to be back in the shop working on Tuesday. I am sorry for any inconvience, and please share this with your friends, who might not get this email. I would not want any one to make a trip here, only to find the shop closed. I appreciate everyones patience and concerns.

Hope to be back stitchin with you all soon,


Primitive Stitches

Warrensburg MO

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