Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Withdrawling from Shop Hop This Year !

Dear Friends and Fellow Shop Owners,
I know many of you know this already, as I had discussed this with you as I was deciding what path to take over these next couple of months, but I am regretfully withdrawling as a participating shop from the August Show Me Annual Safari Shop Hop, as well as The Country Shop Hop that I do in October with the shops down by the Lake area.

As not to start any rumors, the shop is NOT CLOSING and doing fine, but I have found that over these last couple of months and during this time, I have had alot of familiy activities, as well as health issues with myself and my mom and parents-in-law, etc. I find myself in the "middle life stage" when trying to still raise your children, and then finding your parent are needing your help now more and more too. Which is not a bad thing, I am not complaining, I am lucky to be able to be here, but am still working our how to prioritize.

Although I put my heart and soul into my shop, My family still is my first and foremost priority. My Fall schedule is pretty full already, I will be vending every weekend in Sept , and several in Oct. , as well as a couple other mini events at the shop. So rather than trying to " do it all" and get nothing accomplished, I plan on trying to focus on some and giving them my all. I will miss the Shop Hops this year, and those who I sometimes only get to visit with during those days, But will be ready for next year!

I encourage everyone to go on the Hops,if you can, they are always alot of fun, and support the participating shops. They put in alot of work and long hours getting ready for the hops. I will have info on both Shop Hops, so if you have questions, need dates or times etc, please feel free to ask me, if I can help in anyway.
If only there was a way to squeeze more hours into a day, then we could do all that we want to do.... but then I guess we would just find more things that we would want to do, right?
Until then, With my Needle in Hand, I'll just Keep Stitchin"

Primitive Stitches
Warrensburg MO

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