Friday, July 20, 2012

Wool N Needle Monthly Project

Sign up now for our new monthly program- Wool N Needle , designed by Buttermilk Basin Designs!

Start with making a crazy quilt woolfelt/wool base and decorate with various decorative stitches by machine or by hand. finishes 12 x 12" This looks wonderful displayed on a wire frame to display in your home, or you may also frame these, uses as a mat, or pillow etc. Your choice !

Then each month there will be either a kit or pattern available for purchase to hang in the center of your crazy base. These are attached by hook and eye , and can be interchanged each month, these are approx. 8 " sq.

The 1st "crazy base kit" will be $19.95 (includes pattern) or use your stash of woolfelt ot wool and buy the pattern for only $6.

Then each monthly woolfelt kit(as seen on our shop model) will sell for $13.00 (kits include pattern) or again, just the pattern will be available for $6.

If interested in the stand , they run $24.95. and can be purchased in the shop or ordered when your ready .

Attached are photos showing the base, and then a photo of the up coming monthly designs.
More photos can be sent to you if you request, but I had trouble attaching some to such a large email list. You you want more photos, stop by the shop or email me and I will send them to you in another attachment.

For those who sign up soon, there are a numbered amount of kits that will be available starting July 24th, and then I will be ordering more and making kits or patterns for those that are signing up.

Stop by the shop to see the display or please let me know if you have any questions.

With my needle in hand, Melissa
Primitive Stitches
Warrensburg MO

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