Tuesday, July 15, 2014

English Paper Piecing Club now forming .....

New Event forming at Primitive Stitches
Come Join our monthly English Paper Piecing Club
Every 3rd Thursday of each month

No cost to you, just fun and fellowship ! Bring a English Paper Piecing (EPP) project that your working on, or want advice on how to get started on one.. We can share ideas, swap fabrics if you wish, offer support or advice to others, and learn new techniques using EPP!

2 times will be offered that day , so that you can pick one that works best for you…
Morning Group starts at 10am- ?
Evening Group starts at 6:30pm-?

We will be starting this in August, so if your interested ,please let me know and which time slot you are interested in ,so I can plan for you (depending on the response)

Any questions, Please contact Melissa 660-747-7787  or email

**This is total a hand stitching project, no sewing machines will be used……Are you new to this ? Read below for more info

English Paper Piecing 

English Paper Piecing, the creation of a quilt block or entire quilt using fabric wrapped and basted around paper pieces or shapes. Since fabric is "wrapped" around the paper cut to the exact size, precision in piecing is  very accurate. Once pieces are basted, then they are simply whip stitched together. The technique works well with traditional or modern fabrics, giving all quilters a useful technique for hand piecing.

No specialty items are required to use this hand piecing technique. Fabric scraps or pieces, needle, thread, and simple paper patterns are all of the materials that are needed.

English paper piecing is a quilting technique that has been used for many years. The growth of its popularity in recent years might be attributed to several things: you can achieve great precision using the technique, Plus this is so handy because it is portable, allowing you to take all of your supplies in a small container to work on nearly anywhere; and the process of handwork can be a very relaxing pastime.

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